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A Storm Is Approaching by AndyPMU A Storm Is Approaching :iconandypmu:AndyPMU 11 4 The Frozen Quilava 2.0 by AndyPMU The Frozen Quilava 2.0 :iconandypmu:AndyPMU 5 2 The Frozen Quilava by AndyPMU The Frozen Quilava :iconandypmu:AndyPMU 9 6 Jumping The Gun - by Maikeru by AndyPMU Jumping The Gun - by Maikeru :iconandypmu:AndyPMU 14 16 Amorphous Essence by AndyPMU Amorphous Essence :iconandypmu:AndyPMU 10 10 Imminent Fatality by AndyPMU Imminent Fatality :iconandypmu:AndyPMU 6 4
Malevolent Intentions
Feeble impudence is no match for my logic
For your heart-piercing terms are nowhere near toxic
I am elusive; I am invasive.
Your verbal expressions cannot demolish me
Address to your heart's content
Do as you please
But no matter what you do
I'll act as if I have no clue
You are free to believe you can impair me
But you have endeared the wrong idea
I will never concur with your judgment
For every word you surface is illogic
Tears may appear realistic
Your actions truly ambitious
Never to appear sufficient
But as long as your impudence is existent
You will never drag me down
:iconandypmu:AndyPMU 1 0
Love's Desires
What to think
To believe
What's wrong with me?
I think I'm falling
But is this right?
Is it wrong?
Am I losing my sanity?
My mind tells me no
Though my heart would love to oblige
It's just right and wrong, what can I say?
Don't know what to say
Don't know what to do
I'm breathless
I guess you can say…
I miss you.
:iconandypmu:AndyPMU 2 0
Mewtwo by AndyPMU Mewtwo :iconandypmu:AndyPMU 1 1 Miku Hatusune by AndyPMU Miku Hatusune :iconandypmu:AndyPMU 4 5
He can Never do Anything Right
Always blinded by love for what I could not see
But the entire time, I was in love with a beautiful thing
I've been deeply in love with you;
I'm still in love with you
You were my angel that had gracefully fallen from the heavens above
and blessed me with your affection
No matter what you put me through
You brought me tremendous joy
or you brought me tear-breaking pain.
You had once shattered my heart to pieces
like glass suspended in air, imminent to demise
When you had returned, I forgave you
Too blinded by my desire for your love and affection
to even consider how much you have hurt me
Like a careless fool
Suddenly oblivious to what you had done in the past
I forgave you.
Had I done the right thing?
...or had I accepted my demise?
Everything seemed okay
But every now and then, we would argue
But each and every time... it made the world's difference to me
No love is perfection
But I hate to see us fight
It seems I'm unable to ask something of you without irritating you
and causi
:iconandypmu:AndyPMU 1 2
Meganium Signature -Chiko- by AndyPMU Meganium Signature -Chiko- :iconandypmu:AndyPMU 3 2 Mio Akiyama Signature by AndyPMU Mio Akiyama Signature :iconandypmu:AndyPMU 2 1 Blaziken Signature -Krandel- by AndyPMU Blaziken Signature -Krandel- :iconandypmu:AndyPMU 1 1 Haruhi Suzumiya Signature by AndyPMU Haruhi Suzumiya Signature :iconandypmu:AndyPMU 1 2 Darkrai Sig Grayscale -DM- by AndyPMU Darkrai Sig Grayscale -DM- :iconandypmu:AndyPMU 0 0


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It's been a long time since I've posted on here - might as well give a bit of an update. My last submission here was roughly nine months ago - all I have to say is... wow. Time flies, huh?

I've been quite busy with my life lately - work and personal, hence the lack of submissions. I wrote a three parter short story some time ago and while doing so I kind of thought to myself "Well, I could always put this on deviantArt..." - however, it does need a bit cleaning up/revising, so I'll be doing that sometime soon. For anyone looking forward to that, you can expect it by the end of August.

As far as graphical stuff/artwork goes, there will be a lack of it for the time being; I do not have Photoshop on this computer, and even if I did, I do not currently have the time. There may be one or two in the next few weeks depending on how I progress with my tasks. If you want to leave any suggestions for whatever in the comments, or you just want to say hello, feel free to do so!

That's about it for the time being. If you've read this far, congratulations! I hope you're enjoying your summer thus far.
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  • Watching: Primer
  • Playing: The Last of Us


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